Best cycling glasses 2023 | 30 sets of shades rated and reviewed - BikeRadar

Top-rated cycling glasses to protect your eyes out on the road

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Best cycling glasses 2023 | 30 sets of shades rated and reviewed - BikeRadar

Though their name might suggest they’re just for shielding your eyes from the sun, the best cycling glasses and sunglasses will do much more than that.

Protecting your eyes from the elements and hazards, such as insects or grit from the road, is also incredibly important.

Like anything you wear when riding, such as a road bike helmet, a decent pair of cycling glasses needs to be durable, comfortable and should ideally offer some versatility – either through interchangeable or photo-chromatic (light-sensitive) lenses.

Of course, they also need to look the business. Let’s be honest and admit that choosing the best cycling glasses is as much about fashion as it is about protection, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

As with any cycling product though, there are far too many brands, styles and price points for any one person to trawl through. With that in mind, our expert testers have selected what they believe are the best cycling glasses on the market right now.

And if you wear glasses day-to-day, our guide to prescription cycling glasses will help you see your options clearly.

Once you’ve cast your eyes over the recommendations, keep scrolling to find our buyer’s guide to cycling sunglasses.

Bollé’s stylish Shifter cycling sunglasses have an angular look that somehow manages to be both thoroughly modern and a little retro.

The impact-resistant, single-piece lens offers great clarity. It’s also well vented and has an anti-fogging treatment applied, so they don’t steam up too easily in humid conditions.

The reassuringly robust frame feels premium and the kinked arms grip your head very well. The thickness of the frame does mean it shows up in your peripheral vision, but it didn’t bother our tester.

There’s also a prescription option available, for those who need it.

The Endura Dorado II cycling glasses are svelte, well fitting and come with an array of lenses.

The lower half of the frame is removable, allowing you to adjust visibility.

The Madison Crypto cycling glasses should keep their value, since they pair good looks with quality.

The arms’ tips and hooks provide a very secure fit, including off-road, but perhaps less so on smaller faces.

The style of Oakley’s Jawbreaker glasses was certainly polarising when they were initially released in 2015, but it’s hard to deny they reignited the trend for big cycling sunglasses.

The coverage of the 53mm tall, 131mm wide lens is excellent, with the chunky frame only visible at extreme angles.

Furthermore, the nose and ear pieces are both adjustable, so you’ll be certain to find a combination that offers a secure fit over the bumpiest of roads, and changing the lens is a simple process.

Our only gripe is we’d like to see Oakley’s excellent hydrophilic treatment on the inside of the lens.

With excellent photochromic lenses and styling as good off the bike as on, the Rudy Project Keyblade cycling glasses could have a range of uses.

The lenses are also guaranteed to be unbreakable, so they should prove durable.

The ventilation is adjustable and our tester didn’t experience any fogging, so it clearly works as intended.

If you want to a pair of cycling sunglasses with prescription lenses, they’re compatible with the Rudy Project RX optical inserts.

The Rudy Project Sintryx cycling glasses are stylish, practical and equipped for multiple activities.

Coming with three lenses – a lightly tinted lens for low light, a grey option for brighter days and an orange-mirrored Polar 3FX HDR lens for filtering out glare – these are cycling glasses for all climes.

Switching between lenses is also a doddle, thanks to an innovative, spring-loaded design.

Heavily vented frames ensure consistent airflow and we didn’t experience any fogging during testing.

Best cycling glasses 2023 | 30 sets of shades rated and reviewed - BikeRadar

Ski Goggles The inclusion of three sets of quality lenses makes this an appealing package.